Artie Bennett . . . who?!? (continued)

He has an irregular passion for regular exercise and enjoys rollerblading (though, sadly, he'll never learn to brake), tooling his bike around Prospect Park, playing squash, and practicing hatha yoga, which, as you know, is better than no yoga at all. He's also an eager swimmer and has even coined a term, laphappy, to characterize the swimmer's high he strives for.

Artie Bennett is active in a local Toastmasters chapter (listen to "Bigfoot's Afoot!" or watch "Aba Daba Daba," "I'm Inspired," or "W.C. Fields and Me," or the spooky "Friends: A Ghost Story") and has developed a fondness for speechifying, orating, and declaiming. He's delivered several speeches and has been showered, alternately, with overflowing accolades and overripe tomatoes.

He's a jazz aficionado but also enjoys classical music, show tunes, folk music, and more. Years ago, he took up both the flute and the mandolin, but put them down before he could make beautiful music.