Fascinating butt trivia

    A doctor who specializes in treating the butt is known as a proctologist. Incredibly, there is a renowned Houston proctologist named Dr. Donald Butts.

   There is a motorcycle-riding group called the Iron Butt Association. Every two years, they participate in the 11,000-mile-plus Iron Butt Rally.

   Some years ago I had a neighbor, newly arrived from Russia, who, when referring to those who had wronged him, vowed to "kick their buttons." I wonder if he still says that.

   The largest muscle in the body is found in the buttocks. It's the gluteus maximus.

   The rump of a horse is called a croup or crupper. So if someone calls you a "horse's a-s," they're calling you a crupper.

   There is a hilarious Monty Python sketch in which John Cleese plays a BBC host who interviews Arthur Frampton, a man with three buttocks.

    "Quakebuttock" is a wonderful old word for a coward or sissy. 
   • The clinical term for having a hairy buttocks is "dasypygal."

   In the United States and Canada, "fanny" is a slang term for the butt. But don't use it in England, where it's a vulgar term for a female's private parts. Fanny packs are called bum bags there.    More trivia