The Butt Book
                                   Winner of the Reuben Award for Book Illustration
                       Best Feel-Good Children's Book for April
(The Huffington Post)

"I wub The Butt Book, Unk Ockie."
 Emily, 3

"This is the greatest book ever!"
 Yehudit, 11

"I don't get it."
  Norbert, 35

"A hilarious rhyming tribute to our bottom end!"
A Cozy Reader's Corner

"An astounding tour de force! You gotta love The Butt Book."
The Brooklyn Paper

"It's energetic, amusing, and yet largely tasteful, and the verse is reliably and rewardingly silly. Use this for revving up the silliness anytime, or for bringing a health and anatomy lesson to a satisfyingly comic end."
  The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

                Read a warm tribute to The Butt Book from beloved
                       Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.