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"What fun and what a surprise! School staff and students alike got quite an education. I loved how the children were citing geographic and scientific tidbits that Artie shared during his annotated presentations. These were fun assemblies and ones that both teachers and students will long remember. It's a success when the teachers are doubled over with laughter!"
   —Rose Rios, vice president of cultural arts, Warnsdorfer Elementary School, East Brunswick, New Jersey

"Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. You are a clever author indeed and surely do remind me of the great Dr. Seuss!"
       —Mrs. Olsen, Temple Hill Academy, New Windsor, New York

"The Summer Connection Campers, age 3-10, thoroughly enjoyed their visit from Mr. Bennett. Our literary genre theme, incorporating humor, fit perfectly with his personality, his presentations, and his clever books. Teachers enjoyed tapping into the science connections, and campers were excited to attend his workshops and to meet him."
       —Daryl George, Lower School director of the Dwight-Englewood School, New Jersey

"We feel honored to have had you share your knowledge and passion with our students. Our children have been buzzing around school since, and we are hearing from students about how much they enjoyed the Young Writers' Workshop. Parents and school administrators keep saying how lucky we were to have you in attendance!"
   —Jill Rivel, co-chair of the Schechter Westchester Lower School's Young Writers' Workshop, White Plains, New York

"Having Mr. Bennett come to our school and share his books provided our students with a fun morning that delighted both students and parents. The children so enjoyed your visit, they were compelled to write thank-you notes!"
       —Craig Mercado, principal of St. Ephrem School, Brooklyn, New York

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