More Reviewers Belch Their Approval!

Imagination Soup "I give two enthusiastic belches for this terrific new book. My kids love this book (and so do I)."

The Book Faerie "Mr. Bennett has no shame. Little boys will love this book! Look for a copy at your local bookstore."

Margo Dill "Your child will be mesmerized. He has another winner with this book. It's one for every library, home schoolroom, for sure!"

Booking Mama "This book makes science fun! It's chock-full of fun facts! I had to chuckle at the adorable illustrations."

Picture Book Depot "Truly a treasure chest of gaseous sounds and smells! Sure to be a welcome addition to your child's library."

Amara's Eden "It's cute and quirky, and I'm sure a lot of kids would get quite the kick out of it!"

Teacher Dance "Artie's done it again, written an educational and funny rhyming picture book. A fun approach to learning about the biology of our bodies!"

MommyPR "This book was a huge hit with both of my boys, and my daughter giggled each time the boys roared with laughter. Required reading!"

Mother Daughter Book Club "The illustrations of bacteria, animated vegetables, farting termites, and people reacting to gaseous smells will keep them coming back again and again!"

Madderly Review "Go for it and make your toddler's day!"

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