Backstory: Behind The Butt Book

I'd written a couple of other books when I was a younger man, but The Butt Book is my first mature work. You may be wondering whatever possessed me to write this book. Did I have some posterior motive? Was it some dark obsession with the derriere? Maybe a sudden, unquenchable antisocial impulse? A spasm of preadolescent behavior? Yes, all of those things. But there's more.
      I was familiar with Dr. Seuss's anatomical series. You may know the Bright and Early Books. There's The Foot Book, The Ear Book, The Eye Book, The Tooth Book, The Eyetooth Book. They're delightful. I love these books.
      And then I had a brainstorm: a butt book would make a great addition to this hallowed series. Now, because Dr. Seuss, sadly, passed away in 1991, he's no longer around to flesh out the series by writing about butts. Somebody had to. I guess it was cheeky of me, but I decided to do it. But it wasn't to be. No scuttlebutt, but The Butt was scuttled.
      It found its way to butt-friendly precincts, where they got behind it. The Butt Book would live long and prosper.
      I was ecstatic when my editor chose Mike Lester to illustrate it. He's illustrated a couple dozen kids' books and has a captivatingly zany sense of humor. His animals are hysterically funny and he seemed the perfect choice. And he's highly regarded by his peers and has won a buttload of awards. I was even more ecstatic when I heard that he was eager to take on this project. I e-mailed him to let him know how thrilled I was that he would be animating my words. And I couldn't be any more pleased at how it turned out. Take a look at the five o'clock shadow on the eagle's butt (once you've purchasedor purloineda copy) and you'll see why my heart soared with the eagle. That's one eagle who needs a shave. Read More