Fascinating poop trivia

    Everyone Poops, the classic children's book, was published in Great Britain under the title Everybody Poos.

    The most expensive coffee in the world comes from Indonesia and is brewed from beans gathered from the poop of the wild Asian palm civet, a weasel-like animal. It's called "kopi luwak" and is said to be free of bitterness and to taste nutty and chocolaty. It can sell for as much as $3,000 per pound.

    The most expensive tea in the world comes from southwest China and is fertilized with panda poop. Because pandas  absorb only a fraction of the nutrients in their food (bamboo), their poop is very rich in vitamins and minerals. Panda poop tea sells for as much as $200 a cup.

    Guano, the droppings of bats and seabirds, is a highly valued fertilizer. The Incan people of Peru so prized it that anyone caught disturbing the seabird colonies where the guano was collected was subject to the death penalty.

    Men are much more susceptible to "skid marks" on their underwear than women are. The reason may have to do with men having much more body hair, especially in certain places.

    In Japan, toilet shame can be a major problem for women, so many public bathrooms are equipped with a noisemaker that a woman can engage when she is about to produce certain body noises. The noisemaker emits the sound of a toilet flushing, without the loss of gallons of water.
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